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High Potency Marijuana Usage: Increased Odds of Addiction and Anxiety Disorders in Frequent Users

Researchers in the United Kingdom have just released the findings of a longitudinal study on the relationship of high potency marijuana usage and its impacts on mental health outcomes as well as addiction. In this study of 1,087 participants who used high potency marijuana, researchers found that the respondents had greater odds of substance abuse disorders and adverse mental health issues. For the purpose of this study, high-potency marijuana was described as marijuana having THC levels at or greater than 10 percent. Currently, in the United States, the reported potency of raw marijuana has THC levels that exceed 30 percent, concentrates in the 70 – 80 percent range, and extracts as high as 99 percent. Research into the long-term health effects of high potency marijuana is critical and this United Kingdom report offers some keen insights.

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JAMA Citation