Sample Tracking and Inventory

Thank you for participating in the University of Mississippi marijuana research project. In order for this project to be successful, the managing of the packages being sent to the university is crucial. That’s why we created this “Sample Tracking and Inventory” site to make it easier for you to record your purchases and packages sent to the university. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us.

Ed Shemelya, NMI Coordinator
Cell: 606-224-9510 

Dale Quigley, Deputy Coordinator
Cell: 303-810-3735 

Instruction List for Task Force Officers: 

  • 1.  Download and print the “Law Enforcement Interdiction Notice” form
           *   This form is to be placed into each package before it is sent to The University of Mississippi.
           *   Suggestion: Print multiple copies at one time to have on hand
     2.  Complete buys with task force funds
          *   Obtain sales receipt for all purchases
          *   If purchases are made from multiple dispensaries, keep items separated
     3.  Print out FedEx label
           *   One label and one shipment box per dispensary
     4.  Go to the NMI online “Sample Tracking and Inventory” page for data entry
           *   Enter information in fields
           *   Upload a photo of sales receipt on page 3
           *   Keep the original receipt and return to your task force with paperwork detailing expenditure of funds
     5.  Place samples and printed interdiction notice form in FedEx box
           *   Attach shipping label
           *   Seal and ship 
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