Public Health and Safety

Health Risks: Rolling Papers with Hazardous Chemical Elements

Recent research supports the health risks of marijuana use due to the presence of heavy metals and other chemical elements found in the plant. Now the same health warning, extends to the use of rolling papers, also contaminated with chemical elements, primarily for color. Of the 26 chemical elements found in rolling papers during the study, the concentration of Copper (CU), Chromium (CR), and Vanadium in those papers were felt to be hazardous to users. 

Researchers noted that the Copper concentrations discovered could be responsible for exposures that are 4.5 to 11 times greater than the established safe exposure limits. Elements like Copper were noted to, “…play a significant role in the onset of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Wilson’s disease.” (A buildup of Copper in the liver, brain and other organs resulting in life-threatening organ damage.) 

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Photo Source: / Olafson, E.