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The NMI Speakers Bureau is a group of subject matter experts in a variety of fields, who provide presentations on their respective specialties regarding marijuana and the impacts of its use and legalization.  This group consists of members of different fields, including law enforcement, ecology, substance abuse treatment, and community impacts.  They are dedicated professionals who have seen first-hand the effects of marijuana that many people do not realize exist. They share their expertise in order to raise awareness about marijuana’s potential harms and increase informed decision-making. As a benefit to your organization, the NMI will pay the travel expenses of our speakers to present at your approved event. Click on the Speakers Bureau Catalog link below to learn more.

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Understanding Legalization, Marijuana and Impacts

Of all the substances America copes with, marijuana is the least understood and most misrepresented. These speakers help sort through the myths and address the facts behind marijuana, high potency products and the impacts being experienced in states that have elected to legalize its use.

Session times vary by speaker but can range from 60 minutes – 8 hours.

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Emerging Research, Addiction and Treatment

One positive outcome from the legalization of marijuana has been an increase of research focusing on public health issues, addiction, treatment and recovery. Our medical / science speakers share insights from their own professions as well as address the findings of new research studies, in plain English.

Session times vary by speaker but can range from 60 minutes – 4 hours.

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Government and Law Enforcement

The one consistent point in legalization is the lack of consistency in regulation. Law and policy makers alike struggle with understanding the potential impacts from legalization. State and local governments wrestle with their response under new laws. Will taxes really solve budget issues? The NMI has speakers that will help address these points and more by using data and sharing strategies for the future.

Session times vary by speaker but can range from 60 minutes – 8 hours.

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Drugs in the Workplace and Policy

Businesses large and small struggle with drugs and drug policies in their workplace. When marijuana is legalized, how does that impact those employers and employees? Jo McGuire is a national subject matter expert in this area and can help you navigate the wide variety of issue affecting work places issues.

Session times vary but can range from 60 minutes – 4 hours.

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Environmental and Wildlife Impacts

Legalization does not eliminate the use of our public forest lands to create illegal marijuana cultivation sites. These sites offer a wide variety of hazards and public safety concerns to the environment, wildlife, recreational users of the lands and law enforcement; with potentially deadly outcomes. Dr. Greta Wengert is a leading expert in this area who will share real-time information concerning her research, findings and suggestions for the future.

Session times vary but can range from 60 minutes – 4 hours.

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Life Choices and Marijuana

Chris Wolf – Does marijuana use really impact choices people make in life? Is it a gateway drug and does use have potential consequences? According to the inmates in prison that Chris Wolfe has worked with, it can and has. You need to hear their stories as only Chris can share.

Also, Chris is an excellent resource for those looking to be a more effective and confident public speaker. Offering guidance and training in how to craft your anti-drug message, the value of a good introduction to set a tone and how to best engage with an audience.

Ben Cort – Ben’s passion for recovery, prevention and harm reduction comes from his own struggle with substance abuse. Sober since 1996, Ben has been part of the recovery movement in almost every way imaginable. Going from being the inpatient to now CEO of an inpatient treatment program for men in Colorado. A senior member of the NMI speakers bureau, a featured presenter on “TED Talks”, consultant to major league sports and a published author, you will find Ben’s straight forward message not only educational but memorable.

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Death, Addiction and Marijuana – Advocacy for Surviving Family Members 

A common misconception is that marijuana is a benign drug. That it is natural and as such cannot cause harm, unfortunately that is not the case. Marijuana’s influence in matters of mental health, addiction and even death has been increasing since legalization. In these cases there will always be more than just one victim. For every person lost, there are friends and family members who are also left victimized and not knowing where to turn for support.  Our speakers can help families struggling with addiction or loss of a loved one find support from a coalition of families who have also traveled the same path. 

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