Public Health and Safety

Cannabis and Pregnancy: Effects on Woman’s Health

In the October 11th, 2021 edition of Contemporary OB/GYN, authors (Lo, Hanna & Hedges) offer guidance to medical providers working with women who use marijuana and specific concerns for those patients that are perinatal or prenatal. The authors cite concerns over the increased levels of THC potency in recent years. Specifically, the lack of understanding / research into of the potential adverse health implications those increases in THC potency represent to a women’s health and the  potential long-term health of their unborn or newborn child.  

This report offers research insights into potencies impacts to ovulation, ability to conceive, influences upon In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and generalized warnings from the major medical colleges and the U.S. Surgeon General in support of abstaining from marijuana usage pre / post pregnancy. All with the intent to provide the most favorable environment for the child to develop. 

This is an easy read with a balanced approach to the issues, supported by well referenced research. 

Read time: 5 – 10 minutes  

Photo: Choi, S.