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Older Cannabis Users: Increased Risk of Hospitalization & Complications 

Older cannabis users are at greater risk of hospitalization or other adverse health outcome due to their age, co-existing health conditions, and interactions with prescribed medications. The results of a 15-year data analysis (2005-2019), of California hospital records, noted that cannabis-related visits to an Emergency Room (ER) for those over 65 increased substantially (1,808%) during this study. Those older adults who did not have any type of health insurance had higher ER visitation rates than those with health insurance. The existence of a comorbid health condition placed seniors at greater health risks. This study was published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society (JAGS / Nov 2022). 

The authors, (Han, B. call upon medical providers to be proactive and to routinely inquire of their geriatric patients concerning any cannabis use to make informed choices for patient care.

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