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Dangers of Pesticide Use

Many people growing marijuana use pesticides to protect their crops from harmful insects and other pests, as well as fertilizers and other chemicals, thereby increasing their crop yields.

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New Report on Marijuana in Washington State

Our colleagues at the Northwest HIDTA have published a new report on the legalization of marijuana in Washington.  The report discusses the state’s regulatory system, as well as detailing effects on the state, including environmental harm, impaired driving, and diversion of marijuana.  Follow this link to read the full report.

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Seed to Sale Tracking

The term “seed to sale” is often thrown around when discussing tracking marijuana products, but many people are unsure what it means or entails.  The NMI’s Deputy Coordinator Dale Quigley has written a brief paper explaining the term and the process involved.  The paper also includes a description of different types of tracing[Read More…]

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