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Substance Use and COVID Outcome Risks

Psychiatry Online released a study on November 3rd, 2020 concerning the negative impacts that substance use disorders (SUD) has on adults that have been diagnosed with COVID-19. The authors (Baillargeon, J. provide information on over 54,000 COVID-19 patients as it relates to the outcomes of (1) hospitalization, (2) ventilator use and (3) death. Within that group, those with a diagnosed SUD (5,562 patients) were associated with higher risk factors for all three outcomes. 

Some conditions cited by the authors for the elevated risk factors to those with a SUD include poor access to health care, homelessness, compromised respiratory and immune systems associated to substance use. To read more from the report, “The Impact of Substance Use Disorder on COVID-19 Outcomes” please use the link button below.

Read time: 5-10 minutes

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