Sally Schindel






Founder and Family Victim of Harms of Marijuana


Bachelor of Science, Business Administration & Management


Ms. Schindel was a self-employed financial advisor, with CFP certification. Her bachelor’s degree in Accounting is from Western Illinois University in 1972. She retired in 2008 and lives with her husband Gregg in Prescott.

Sally’s passion now is volunteering with organizations making a difference in the lives of young people and their education. She is a long-term member of P.E.O., supporting women’s education, and a volunteer with MATFORCE in Prescott, AZ which works toward a brighter future by building a healthier community, striving to eliminate substance abuse and its effects.

Sally is on the National Marijuana Initiative Speakers Bureau and volunteers with Every Brain Matters and Moms Strong, an organization that tells their stories to unmask the marijuana charade. She also volunteers with Johnny’s Ambassadors Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), and Parents Opposed to Pot, national organizations dedicated to providing the latest information on the harms of marijuana to individuals and our country.

Sally is the proud mother of two. She calls her daughter “the light of my life.” Her son, Andy, died in 2014. Andy’s suicide death is linked to marijuana addiction. He left a powerful message that Sally wants all to know.  Andy said, “Marijuana killed my soul + ruined my brain.”

Sally says: “I am now working with Andy, in his memory, urging young people to not risk using marijuana or other drugs. Marijuana is not harmless. I hope Andy’s message will help everyone ‘Think Again’ before assuming the drug marijuana is harmless.”

Also, Chris is an excellent resource for those looking to be a more effective and confident public speaker. Offering guidance and training in how to craft your anti-drug message, the value of a good introduction to set a tone and how to best engage with an audience.


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