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Impact of Recreational Cannabis Legalization In Michigan: A Baseline Report

The Injury Prevention Center (IPC), at the prestigious University of Michigan, is one of only nine such research centers in the United States that is funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  The focus of the IPC is on the prevention and reduction of injuries by means of a multidisciplinary approach that includes both research and the dissemination of those findings. To that end, the IPC has just released a report entitled, “Impact of Recreational Cannabis Legalization in Michigan: A Baseline Report”.  Michigan legalized marijuana for medical use in 2008 and by 2018, the state legalized it for recreational use. The report uses a wide variety of accredited data sources to establish a baseline information for topics such as impacts to public health, public safety, treatment and many others. It is well written and draws its findings based upon facts, science, and available data.